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Luxury Home Staging Services by Decorian Group- Book Staging Appointment - Los Angeles

The homebuyer’s dream is our vision. Book a staging appointment to find out more. We specialize in creating the perfect place for you to call your own, with every detail taken into consideration from furniture and accessories that are just right (and can help make any room feel like its finally come alive) all through an expertly planned layout ensuring balance across various areas of space so when it comes time live there sincerely feels like no other place on earth than yours.”

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August 2022

We're a team of interior designers and professional decorators from California.

Our design team in Los Angeles pulls together furniture, accessories, silk trees, orchids, rugs, and lighting to transform vacant houses into houses that prospective buyers can envision themselves living in. We stage our homes to appeal to the biggest number of potential buyers with a neutral design palette, occasionally adding color to include excitement to a room.