12 Best Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Quick

Home Staging Services in Los Angeles

By Decorian Group inc.

Our homes most likely sell faster and for higher prices than un-staged houses.

Here it shows how staging returns your investment. Having Decorian Group transform your space into a luxurious home that inspires buyers.

Transform your space

Professional Home Staging & HOME DESIGN for LA Residences

We can decorate your space tastefully, on time and at competitive rates, whether you are transforming your home or redoing a commercial space.

Home staging is the art of decorating and reorganizing your space to make it more appealing. Professional home staging services take your home and displays it artfully, ensuring that your home looks warm, inviting, and luxurious. However our home staging services are limited to Los Angeles county.

Take Delight in Our Professional Staging Services.

Why Stage?

You won’t get another chance to make a first impression. Buyers will typically only take 15 seconds to make a decision relating to your property. Why leave that first impression to chance?

Home staging can truly add up to 20% of your home’s value. 

RESA studied 174 homes previously out there on average 156 days prior to the homeowners gave up selling by themselves and called in a specialist home stager. Those same homes had been staged, re-listed and sold within an average of 42 days after staging.

A professionally staged home will essentially emphasize the quality and beauty of your space. It will increase the space, functionality and features of a residence in order to aid prospective buyers in envisioning themselves in it. Staging livens your home by making it feel larger, brighter, cleaner, etc.

We generally stage our homes utilizing a neutral palette and design to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Home staging can essentially vanish the negatives in a home, or distract prospective buyers from any imperfections a home may have.

DG is a practiced and professional home staging services provider serving Los Angeles.

We are proud to be among the most innovative, high-quality home staging and design companies in Southern California. We offer an extensive inventory of fine furniture and decor that is unmatched by any other company on this side of town!

With our innovative design skills, we will transform your home into a showpiece by using the latest fashions in art and furniture. Our interior designers are experts at creating looks that have broad appeal – so you can feel confident about selling it!

Want to DIY?

You don’t need to hire an expensive professional or spend thousands of dollars on home staging any longer! We offer a “Walk & Talk” consultation where we will provide you with all the information needed for your own DIY project. 

Love Your Home?

We get that you love your home, and we want to make sure it lasts for years. That’s why a re-design will combine old pieces with new art or accessories so everything feels fresh yet familiar at the same time!

Our clients often sell their homes for additional money than nearby comps.

We take the time to create the warmth that may showcase a house for prospective buyers, so homeowners based in Los Angeles can continue with life and Decorian Group home staging services can focus on the sale.

The Process

  • We’ll walk the house with you and discuss the listing strategy
  • You’ll get a written proposal for staging services
  • We will install the staging by the agreed date, with time for pictures
  • Notify us when you’re under contract; We’ll de-install ahead of closing
beautiful waterfront suite with ocean views

We are passionate about design

Decorian Group will help you sell your LA home with professional staging and decorating services.

We have access to a broad collection of home staging furniture that will assist your house sell quickly.


Bring on the challenge.
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Anticipated Interior Design

We believe that making an excellent first impression on potential house buyers is critical to selling your house. Our staging emphasizes a home’s space and functionality, offering the best in a home. 

With this extensive inventory of high-end furniture and accessories, you’ll possess a custom design using furnishings chosen specifically to highlight the very best features of each space in your house.

Showcase your home’s beauty and broaden its appeal with quality, professional home staging. Our fresh and current designs can help buyers start to see the full potential of your property as their home.

Buyers can easily envision what sort of home “lives” if its rooms are furnished. Quality furnishings that interact to create an attractive and cohesive space will improve the value and encourage buyers to get sooner.

We're a team of interior designers and professional decorators from California.

Our design team pulls together furniture, accessories, silk trees, orchids, rugs, and lighting to transform vacant houses into houses that prospective buyers can envision themselves living in. We stage our homes in Los Angeles to appeal to the biggest number of potential buyers with a neutral design palette, occasionally adding color to include excitement to a room.