8 Best Bedroom Paint Colors

8 Best Bedroom Paint Colors

Do you want your bedroom to be the most comfortable and cozy? There are so many elements that serve to ensure that your bedroom is beautiful and comfortable. However, of all the elements available, you cannot avoid the significance of bedroom paint colors. If you secure the right colors for your building, you create an environment that gives you peace while resting.

What are some of the most relaxing and comforting color schemes that a bedroom might have? The following is a ranking of the top 8 bedroom paint colors that our interior design experts have chosen for 2022. 

What Are the 8 Best Bedroom Paint Colors?

White Dove

White Dove is the most recommended hue for painting your bedroom walls. There is little doubt that a traditional off-white or creamy color scheme with warm gray overtones is one of the most popular wall colors for bedrooms. This bright white color’s warmth also produces an inviting and comfortable ambiance. Also, the shade of white used on the walls is not too stark, so it gives the appearance that the room is larger than it is.

If you want to avoid the appearance of yellow undertones in the White Dove wall color, your best strategy is to combine it with a wood floor that is either medium or dark in tone. Because of this, you should refrain from combining it with natural or honey oak wood flooring treatments and carpeting with warmer tones. White Dove’s versatility lies in its work with both flat ceilings and semigloss white trim.

Origami White

Origami white has developed into one of the most popular colors among interior designers. This wall color is soft and creamy, making it an excellent choice for bedroom walls. Similar to White Dove, it is a relatively warm neutral off-white that conveys serenity despite its adaptability and versatility.

Because it also has a grayish undertone, it goes well with various bedroom furniture and accessories styles. These qualities guarantee that your bedroom furniture and other home decor items will be simple to mix with this well-liked hue of white paint.

Another reason we adore origami is that, unlike alabaster, it does not have a pristine white color. Unfortunately, a bedroom might seem icy and sterile if painted in nearly or completely white tones.

Not to mention, colors very similar to white tend to have a very high LRV (light reflective value). Because of this, you will have difficulty covering the preceding colors on the bedroom walls in two or three coats.

However, Origami White has an LRV of 76, which is still considered on the high end but still workable. This moderate bedroom color is hardly too creamy nor too crisp, which makes it a terrific choice for a room where balance is crucial because it strikes the perfect middle ground between the two extremes.

8 Best Bedroom Paint Colors
8 Best Bedroom Paint Colors

Light French Gray

Light French gray is another hue that tops our list of the best bedroom colors. This neutral gray leans slightly toward being on the cooler side and has slight undertones of both blue and brown. Its versatility is something that will appeal to you. It can open up the look and sensation of a smaller room while providing sufficient contrast against stark white trim and white bedroom ceilings.

A bedroom floor made of natural or honey oak wood looks stunning with light French gray painted walls. Consequently, its chilly characteristics serve to scale down the yellow undertones that are present in lighter timber flooring. 

Linen white

Linen White is another delicate, creamy, off-white paint shade that looks fantastic in most bedrooms. Undeniably, this is a warm white with very little yellow overtones, conjuring up images of crisp, newly laundered sheets. Linen White produces an atmosphere that is calm and welcoming, and it has the potential to revitalize and refresh any bedroom that gets adequate natural light.

Due to its adaptability, the painters we work with recommend using this shade of color for bedroom walls. In practice, Linen White can be used successfully in various interior house color schemes, including modern, cottage, farmhouse, classic, and transitional. This makes it simple to harmonize the colors used in the living room and hallway.


Breezeway is a frequent choice among interior designers as a wall color for bedrooms due to its pleasant neutrality. This is a sophisticated minty green-blue with undertones of gray. Breezeway is a perfect color for a bedroom because of its tranquility, delicacy, and classic good looks.

Motivated by the ocean, this color can be described as a bluish-green with silver undertones and works wonderfully in nurseries or compact bedrooms. Many people are under the impression that this teal wall hue is superior to the ever-popular Sea Salt.

You may have heard that Breezeway will serve as Behr’s color of the year for painting in 2022. Although we think this serene green paint would look great in a bedroom, you need to be careful when choosing the flooring and lighting tones to go with it. Because Breezeway has a yellowish undertone, you should avoid using it in combination with natural or warmer flooring tones.

Alternately, complement it with gray floors or colder lighting settings to prevent the yellow from becoming apparent. This calming green bedroom tint works great with a coastal farmhouse vibe. It has just the right amount of coolness to offset bedrooms with too much warmth from the lighting or decor.

All White

Putting aside the most recent recommendations for color schemes, it is occasionally beneficial to start with an empty slate in your bedroom. You can design the aesthetic choices for your interior decoration around the perfect clean and crisp white wall color, which is all white.

As a consequence, it does not contain any pigment other than white, which means that you can use a dark blue accent color with it to create a clear distinction. It is a brilliant, geometric white that is neither warm nor cool, and it looks fantastic on the walls, moldings, or ceilings of bedrooms.


Calm is a soft gray that is tranquil and adaptable, making it an excellent choice for painting the walls of a bedroom. Our observations have shown that homeowners and designers alike are drawn to this calming off-white hue with undertones of lilac and lavender-gray. After a long and stressful day, looking at the color “calm,” a very light gray, can make you feel more relaxed.

Even if it leans toward warmer tones, Calm is still very neutral regarding wall colors. Therefore, it is compatible with various flooring tones and decorative objects, such as colorful throw pillows or textured duvet bedding coverings.

Olive Sprig

Olive Spring is one of our suggested bedroom paint colors for bedrooms that creates the feeling that one is surrounded by nature. The tranquillity of the outdoors may be brought into your bedroom with the aid of this warm green wall shade. Olive Sprig is in accordance with modern tendencies toward sustainability and possesses an earthy and genuine quality. This verdant green has an organic appearance, and the color rose tones work very well with it.


Do you want to paint your bedroom the best color? You can use either of the above colors for the most comfortable and fulfilling bedroom.

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