Tips for Staging a Mid-Century Modern Style Home

If you want to sell your house faster and for top dollar, you’ve got to stage it professionally and choose a style that will appeal to most prospective buyers. One of the popular styles that seems to be making a comeback in home staging is the mid-century modern style. This timeless style is increasingly becoming popular among home buyers thanks to its simplicity, functionality, and elegance.

The mid-century modern style is recognizable for its contrasting materials and textures, neutral colors, and clean lines with a mix of both organic and geometric shapes. When staging a home, using mid-century decor, furniture, and aesthetics can create a stunning look that will attract prospective buyers.

In this article, we will walk you through the characteristics of mid-century modern style and provide you with top tips for using this style in home staging.

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Style

  1. Simple lines and pure forms

This style is all about simplicity, and that’s reflected in its simple designs with minimal elaboration. The furniture is characterized by sleek lines, natural colors, and is often made of a combination of several materials. Generally, the mid-century modern style exudes simplicity without being boring but eye-catching without being too dramatic.

  1. Mixing materials and aesthetics

Although wood is the typical material of the mid-century modern style, designers have experimented with a wide range of materials, including acrylic, vinyl, marble, and fiberglass to create memorable mid-century modern designs. Organic and synthetic materials are often used together in mid-century modern designs.

  1. Retro Lamps

Retro lamps never go out of style and this is why they are common décor options for mid-century modern style.

  1. Bringing Nature Indoors

This style emphasizes the fusion of indoors and outdoors by incorporating plants into the décor, expansive panes of glass to allow light to enter the rooms, and using organic materials indoors.

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  1. Natural Hues with Pops of Color

The mid-century palette ranges from bright accent colors to warm earthy tones, and neutral tones of white and black, thereby leaving a lot of room for flexibility. 

Below are some of the tips for mid-century modern home staging:

  1. Create a Focal Point

You can create interesting focal points in a mid-century modern home by displaying vintage flower vases, artwork, or potted plants of varying heights. Bold wallpaper, a collection of antique fixtures, or a wall arrangement can easily draw the attention of buyers. You can illuminate these focal points with retro lamps to accent them.

  1. Pick one or two standout pieces of furniture

Incorporate modern simplicity into your living room with a modular sectional couch and accent it with a mid-century coffee table with storage. Such standout pieces of furniture make it easy for prospective buyers to visualize what it would be like to live in the home. Furthermore, statement pieces of furniture create an emotional connection between the buyer and the house.

  1. Emphasize Storage Potential

Some home buyers shy away from mid-century homes because they believe these homes have limited storage space. Therefore, it is important to emphasize storage potential when staging your home. Make sure you declutter the space and showcase any storage options available in your home. For instance, you can showcase drawer organizers, a freestanding closet, a kitchen island with storage space, and built-in storage options.

  1. Clean Glass Windows

One of the notable aspects of a mid-century modern style is glass windows. Before putting your house on display, be sure to clean the windows thoroughly because even a small stain can be off-putting to prospective buyers. If there are any cracked windows, ensure they are replaced before staging your house. It’s also important to deep clean other parts of your house to give potential buyers the impression that your home is well taken care of.

  1. Go For an Artful Mix of Colors

The colors that are typically used in mid-century design are neutral and warm earthy tones. To add a wow factor to your space, add tones of blues, greens, tans, and pinks. You can also include modern color schemes like lilac, cyan, and tangerine. An artful mix of colors will score a sophisticated and calming look.

So there you have it. Follow these tips and you’ll successfully stage your mid-century modern style home.The mid-century modern style seems to connect with a good number of home buyers. Therefore, staging your home with this style can be an effective way to sell your home faster and for the highest price possible. However, staging a mid-century modern style home can prove to be a challenge if you don’t understand what goes into the process. If you need help with staging a mid-century modern style home, it’s advisable to get in touch with a professional home staging specialist. Your real estate agent can help you find a professional home stager to help you out.

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